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FDL Slick Slider Widget Issue

Good afternoon,

I'm using the 'busone' theme as purchased from Envato and I'm having an issue with one of the widgets that comes with the package. The one in question is the FDL Slick Slider. Unlike the other FDL widgets included, there are no fields/options when I try to adjust the settings for the FDL Slick Slider. This means that I am stuck with the default images, text, animations, etc.
As you can imagine, this makes using the slider all but impossible.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.




  • Jabed BhuiyanJabed Bhuiyan Support Member

    Please use revolution slider(which is also included with the theme) instead of FDL Slick Slider. It was just a static area to check how the area would be look like if we use a slider on this area. That's not a functional slider. You can ignore it.

    If you have any other problem, please post here. We are glad to help you.

  • Chris_ClarkChris_Clark Member
    edited April 2017

    Hello Jabed,

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'm not seeing Revolution slider as an option when adding elements to the page. Is there something I need to do to activate it? Are you sure it's included with the theme?
    Just for clarity, this is where I bought the theme:

    Thanks again,


  • Jabed BhuiyanJabed Bhuiyan Support Member

    Please go to "Install Plugin" option from Appearance menu of WordPress Dashboard . Here install all the required plugin and activate them. Now, You will find the Revolution slider option on the Visual Composer Addons list (Please search in 'All' tab).

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